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We have 194 members as of May 30, 2017. Our newest members are:
  • Kurt Ruttum
  • Chad Johnson
  • Tim Blair
  • Gary Griff
  • Ken Gustafson
  • Rick McClain
  • Mike Radacovich
  • Kelly Knivila
  • Kathleen Shelton
  • Chris Pay
  • Iqbal Kana
  • Bill Baker
  • Eric Miller
Welcome to all of you, and please take a moment to say hello at one of the next several meetings.

We do have a few members that have not yet paid their 2017 dues. If that includes you, please forward your dues as soon as you can. We would love to keep everyone on board supporting the club. There are lots of exciting programs and events coming up.

Your dues are used to help support the great programs we have at our monthly meetings and for the other activities of the club. We don’t make any money on the dinner fees, so we rely on dues to fund programs and activities. Our club is in good financial condition.

Tight lines,

Member Matters
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