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Editor’s Note: This message comes to FCO members via David Moskowitz. He forwards an email from John Atkins, President of the Molalla River Alliance He is looking for volunteers who care about the Molalla and are willing to help out this summer. Please contact Mr. Atkins if you can take the short ride out to this special river and lend a hand. LKH

This is to ask for a little of your time to help protect the Molalla Scenic Waterway, which lies entirely within the BLM’s Molalla River Recreation Corridor. Due to vandalism and related damage to the new congregate campsites (Three Bears and Cedar Grove) last summer, the BLM planned to close them this summer to allow repairs and restoration work to proceed. For reasons outside of the BLM’s control, no camping fees have yet been established, nor have any on-site camp hosts been hired. This leaves the campsites mostly unsupervised.

 The MRA and Molalla River Watch jointly protested the campsite closures, noting that people would camp in unauthorized locations elsewhere in the corridor, damaging habitat, leaving garbage behind, etc. This has already been happening. The BLM heeded our appeal and has decided to open the campsites on weekends, on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the federal hiring freeze has left the BLM short-handed, so a little help from folks like us who have worked diligently to protect and restore the Molalla River habitat would be greatly appreciated by the BLM.

What I am asking for is volunteers who are willing to drive through the corridor from time to time, log violations, and report them to the BLM. No enforcement actions would be required or advised. We’re just looking for more observers to help protect this wonderful resource. It’s a great place to go camping yourself, or have a family picnic at one of the many day-use sites.

 Please respond to this appeal if you can help out. You pick the date(s) and time(s); you pick the frequency (once or however often you can do it). The BLM is supportive of this action, and will be providing guidance on what to look for. For now, we’re just looking for MRA members and affiliate organizations who can contribute an hour or two to help protect our spectacular Molalla Scenic Waterway.

 If you can help, kindly get back to me with your name, contact information and dates and times of your availability to cruise the corridor anytime between now and Labor Day.

 Best wishes,
John Atkins  

Photo from Molalla River Alliance website.
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