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President - Rick Pay
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Secretary - Janet Arenz
Treasurer- Jerry Brown
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Auction Chair - John Pyrch
Membership - Brian Light
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Teri Beatty
David Moyrc (2014)
Harold Weight (2016)

Editor - Lisa Hansen
Webmaster - Joe Palanuk

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Bylaws - Tom Tongue
Make your dinner reservations
for the monthly meeting
Join us on April 14th as the Flyfisher's Club of Oregon presents:

Leah Segui

"If we turned to the sea, or a fresh-water pond, or the inside of a horse, we should ?nd similar communities of animals, and in every case we should notice that food is the factor which plays the biggest part in their lives, and that it forms the connecting link between members of the communities" - Charles Elton

Leah's cultural ties to food have had a major impact on her development as an ecologist. From coral reefs to freshwater streams, understanding the structure and functioning of food webs is an integral theme to her research. She will be sharing her previous research experiences and how they have helped shaped her current work at Oregon State University.

Make your dinner reservations here.
(pay ahead or at the door)

Dinner Selection for April:

Grilled Cascade Natural NY Steak
twice baked potato, sautéed green beans, mushroom demi

Seared Skin on Trout
spring vegetable succotash, marcona almond brown butter sauce
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