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Please join Flyfishers Club of Oregon on Tuesday, February 14th for an overview from The Conservation Angler of their local, regional and international conservation and science programs presented by Pete Soverel, Founder and President and David Moskowitz, newly hired Executive Director.

Pete Soverel is a former naval officer and National Security Council staff who has had a 25-plus year conservation career with groups such as the Steelhead Conservation Committee of the Federation of Fly Anglers, Steelhead Society of British Columbia, Kamchatka Steelhead Project, Wild Salmon Center and now, The Conservation Angler. Pete recently hired David Moskowitz, member of the Flyfisher's Club of Oregon, and together they have great plans to protect the wild steelhead legacy of the Pacific Northwest.

The Conservation Angler

What we do -
The Conservation Angler advocates for the protection, scientific study, and conservation of iconic wild fish populations and the rivers that support them.

The Conservation Angler advocates for wild fish and fisheries, protecting and conserving wild steelhead, salmon, trout and char throughout their Pacific range. The Conservation Angler is a watch-dog organization - holding public agencies, countries and nations accountable for protecting and conserving wild fish for present and future generations - using all legal, administrative and political means necessary to prevent the extinction and to foster a long-term recovery of wild steelhead, salmon, trout and char to fishable and ultimately, harvestable abundance.

What we believe -
We believe in the inherent and natural productivity and resiliency of wild fish and their ability to persist, survive and thrive in their natal habitats.

We believe that wild steelhead, salmon, trout and char will provide a complete suite of benefits to nature and to society, including recreational, commercial, subsistence contributions - so long as their full and complete ecological needs are allowed to express themselves throughout their range - from natal stream to ocean pasture and back again.

We believe that practical experience and an immense body of sound scientific research have proven that as long as fish management regimes carefully manage harvest and do not impose artificial propagation from hatcheries, wild anadromous fish will be productive and self-sustaining.

We are established and credible
The Conservation Angler is a nonprofit science and conservation organization incorporated in Washington State, with its principle office in Edmonds, Washington, and field offices in Portland, Oregon and on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. The Conservation Angler is a wholly owned "doing business as" subsidiary of Wild Salmon Rivers which is an IRS approved 501{c}{3} not-for- profit conservation organization listed in IRS publication 78.

The Conservation Angler has Six Major Conservation, Research and Programs
  1. Wild Steelhead Protection

    The Conservation Angler will work vigorously to protect wild steelhead populations wherever they are found - whether they are robust or under dire threat - and we have a track record of unique scientific research and strong effective advocacy. We will fight for wild steelhead in their rivers, in our courts and for our fellow anglers.

  2. Kamchatka Steelhead Project

    We protect wild steelhead, trout, and other salmonids on the Kamchatka Peninsula, an 800 mile-long, sparsely populated landscape that produces up to 25% of the Pacific's salmon and represents one of the last chances to provide permanent protection for entire pristine salmonid ecosystems before they become threatened or extinct. Join us there [hyperlink to KSP page]

  3. Hatchery Reform Project

    The Conservation Angler will advocate for essential and dramatic changes to the region's hatchery programs so that current practices reflect the established and best scientific understanding of the adverse affects of hatchery cultivation on wild and native steelhead and salmon.

  4. Columbia River Fisheries Reform Project

    In the greatest salmon watershed in the world, wild salmon and steelhead are treated dismissively as limits on unrestrained commercial and recreational harvest of hatchery- raised salmon and steelhead. Harvest and hatchery management are conducted without regard for meeting wild escapement into natal waters by a diminishing number of wild salmon and steelhead. The Conservation Angler has a multi-pronged initiative to reform this upside-down and backwards management regime.

  5. Iconic Rivers Program

    TCA will not accept the loss of iconic wild fish and fisheries in our own backyards, and we will conserve the West’s most iconic wild salmon and steelhead rivers in each bio- region. Each Iconic River Campaign will be focused on key limiting factors within our wheelhouse.

  6. Russian Scholarship Program

    TCA annually awards the Lamzov Scholarships and Prizes which include a four year scholarship and four academic prizes for Kamchatkan students in memory of Russian Fish Inspector/Enforcement officer, Sergey Lamzov who was killed in the line of duty on an anti-poaching patrol.

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