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Posted By:  Barry Mayer
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Organization:  Rug a' boo
Date and Time:  08-03-2011 19:06:22
Subject:  New York's Finger Lakes
Message:  Had the pleasure of spending 2 days fishing a couple of the Finger Lakes with Tad Sweet, formerly of Scappoose, OR, Last Chance, ID and currently living in Bozeman, MT. He has a daughter who lives not far from my home.
These lakes are a rich source of a remarkable variety of fish from landlocked Atlantics to long-nosed gar (see photo gallery). In between there are large and small mouthed bass, rock bass, chain pickerel, carp, very large lake trout, pike, bowfin, muskellunge, freshwater drum and others I am sure I've forgotten.
Our guide grew up in the neighborhood and has an encyclopedic memory for the habits and condition of stocks of the many varieties. We had poor fishing those two days partly because it was a little late in the season and there was a full moon (my excuse). We did each hook a gar on a rope fly but took all day casting to get those two. They weren't large by any means, those in Lake Champlain get into the high teens and twenties in weight.
The guide is most agreeable and not very expensive. He hasn't a great deal of experience guiding flyfishers but closes that gap with his enthusiasm. Anyone interested in filling in their other-than-trout species life list can contact me for details. The lakes, by the way, are very impressive as are the local towns and small cities.
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